Monday, 30 September 2013

My Crafting Babies

Oh yes! I have a blog that is all about crafts, DIY, design and anything about creativity. It's been sleeping here for a very looooonnnngggg time! I have taken this for a back seat because I was so busy on mommy duties and my lifestyle blog. I thought of visiting and feeding here relevant ideas in time for my daughter's first birthday. I hope this will be the start of continuing to share and create quirky ideas. Last night, I dig my plastic storage containing my precious crafting tools. I'll be sharing with you my coveted crafting pieces through photos. So here they are:

 photo IMG_20131001_091131_zpsdba15146.jpg
Starting from Left and clockwise: puncher, embosser, stamp ink pad, puncher and another puncher.

 photo IMG_20131001_090934_zpsf06e2b28.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091018_zpse6ce5fd3.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091353_zpsfa9f798d.jpg
This is my favorite tool. It's a manual embosser. I got it for less than P200.00 pesos.

 photo IMG_20131001_091514_zpsf0115752.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091537_zpsf26d634e.jpg
How to do it? Insert paper in between the gray part where you can see the hearts design.
Rotate the gray lever on the left side and the paper will pass through it pressing the cardboard paper.
Tip: Use a hard or cardboard paper so as not to crush the paper.

 photo IMG_20131001_091552_zps0c70b9cc.jpg
This is a ink pad stamp.

 photo IMG_20131001_091613_zpsf7b69c0e.jpg
It's nice when distressing and making something like rustic and old as design.

 photo IMG_20131001_091709_zps11e8f332.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091745_zps628b9daa.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091758_zpsbefa61b9.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091152_zpsaa5f5955.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091234_zpsa01a5b18.jpg
Insert edge of paper and make sure that it fit properly.

 photo IMG_20131001_091247_zps7ddf41c4.jpg

 photo IMG_20131001_091309_zpsfc1d373c.jpg
Tadah! This puncher is good and nice in the overlap of envelopes. I used it in my wedding invitation.

So there you go my favorite pieces. I'm loving wash tapes but I find it too expensive. But I am itching to buy one for a start.

How about you? What's your favorite crafting tools? I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. nice to be here, girl! i'm into beadworks, cross stitch and crochet and i'm sure i'm going to enjoy coming here. looking forward to your posts! following you now..

    kimmy paid a visit!