Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My other world

Hello! welcome to my world. This is where I belong. As far as I can remember, I had this thing for crafts and arts when I saw Martha Stewart on the boob tube way back in my secondary years. I am always fascinated with her do-it-yourself crafts and arts ideal for gift giving and house decors. As in my previous posts, I ever wanted to become an interior designer and is very passionate of the itsy bitsy things turn into a wonderful piece-of-art.

I have many crafts before but I just put it inside my plastic container. I have stored some of my personal craft materials --embossers, punchers and stamp pads. I have wanted to collect more of it and to pursue my hobby. But because I'm a busy career mom, it hindered me to produce more stuff that I wanted to have.

Hopefully in my future posts here, I would be able to share to you some of my finished products and to meet other bloggers out there who has the same passion as mine. Who ever you are, I would like to meet you here. Let's keep in touch!


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  2. Hi, dear cheekeegirl! Thank you for following me! I'm also following you! Have a nice wednesday night! Warm regards from Brazil!

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  4. Hey CG, visiting your other blog. ☺

    1. Thanks Michael for always supporting