Monday, 16 February 2015

All Flags (Hearts/Polka dots) are Up for Valentine's Day 2015!

How's your Valentine weekend celebration? Mine is quite a surprise as the hubby sent me flowers this year. He had it arranged with my ever talented officemate and delivered it home. Um-effort this time. The kids loved it more because it was adorned with Ferrero chocolates and they enjoyed 'harvesting' and ate it to their heart's and tummy's content. 

 photo IMG_20150214_191355_zps6ncsmixe.jpg

Aside from that, for 4 years now in our office, every Valentine's day, every girl (single and married) receives a special Valentine's treat from our big boss that we always look forward to. That's always a challenge for me since I am assigned to prepare that. It need not be expensive so it's always a big challenge for me in a fun and exciting way. Syempre, the first thing I would think about is what I want to receive and I thank God everything else flows smoothly. It stresses me in a very good way. So presenting to you from the preparation until the finish product for our Valentine giveaways...

 photo IMG_20150212_143408_zpsto0idipx.jpg
85 mason jars with paper straws in polka dots and hearts design!

 photo IMG_20150212_142412_zpszj4woinv.jpg
It's so fun doing the nitty gritty of stuff. It excites my crafty side.

 photo IMG_20150212_170002_zpslwnntadb.jpg
I love the design of the paper straws. A pack of 24 pieces costs around 140.00 pesos.
It is made in USA and the quality of the paper straw is sturdy.

 photo IMG_20150212_165819_zpsh800iwuj.jpg
This gift tag I got online. It's a free printable template by Martha Stewart.

 photo IMG_20150212_145101_zpsdxf4sd5u.jpg
What better way to complete a Valentine treat is to satisfy a girl's sweet tooth.
Six pieces of this homemade Salted Caramel Pecans. Yum! 

 photo IMG_20150212_165848_zps3xw9m3ly.jpg
I love how the giveaways turned out to be perfectly presentable.

 photo IMG_20150212_143237_zpsd2mgyovf.jpg

 photo IMG_20150212_170129_zpssnildmrr.jpg

 photo IMG_20150212_191838_zpsci1wbvh3.jpg

 photo IMG_20150213_143911_zps9gmgmxjg.jpg

 photo IMG_20150212_191820_zpsreeefgzk.jpg

All of these I finished in a matter of 4 hours only! That shows how much I love DIY. It makes my creative side work out and embracing the passion of it.

 photo IMG_20150213_150857_zpsyuiiqz9w.jpg
Of course, chocolates would not be complete without flowers.
Dozens of decorated red roses to complete the look.

 photo IMG_20150213_150908_zpsx97p50cq.jpg
Fresh, misty long-stemmed red roses. Noticed the decorative golden heart
attached on each stem? 

 photo IMG_20150216_154531_zpszmuzzffh.jpg
Here's a closer look...

By the way, this Valentine's treat is unexpected and a surprise for the girls since Valentine's day fall on a Saturday. My boss wanted to give even if it's a weekend. Usually, we give out the presents early morning on Valentine's day. But this time, we gave it before the end of office hours on a Friday. So imagine how their face lit up when we announced there's a Valentine's giveaway from our dear boss. That morning pala they were itching for the presents already. At least everybody happy on the Friday the 13th. 


  1. i love mason jar. they r look so pretty and how sweet of him to give you surprise flowers.

    1. We are very lucky to have a thoughtful boss. For many years now, since the time of his late father, they've been doing that to their female employees...

  2. girl where did you buy the paperstraw? I love the gifts this year. They are blessed that you are artistic.. heheheh

    1. Queen Elsa dyud ang prof pic ha? hehehe... Artistic dyud? Thanks girl ha? Naturally innate na dyud cguro na sa atong pgkababae.. As in! love it dyud!!!